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    Series 1

    Prolog: 'No Children in Space'


    Prolog: 'No Children in Space'

    Finishing and Rendering Sequences. Coming Soon!


    Lunatics! is an original animated science-fiction series about the first permanent settlers on the Moon.

    We are an independent, free-culture, open-movie production, made with open-source software, especially Blender.

    Our episodes are released online without DRM under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, and we actively encourage remixing and reusing our material, even for commercial purposes.

    If you like our show and would like to see more of it (and faster), then please consider buying the official Creator-Endorsed Open Movie bundles or DVD Editions fo the show from us, or contribute directly through subscription, sponsorship, or donation.

    Your support allows us the freedom to tell the story we want in the way we want without putting restrictions on sharing it. The more support we get, the more animators and other artists we can pay to get the show produced more quickly. Even a small amount helps, especially as we are just getting started.


    Script Editor

    Rosalyn Hunter


    Terry Hancock

    Character Designer

    Daniel Fu

    Character Models

    Bela Szabo

    Keneisha Perry

    Andrew Pray

    Character Rigging

    Keneisha Perry

    Mechanical Models

    Chris Kuhn

    Set Models

    Sathish Kumar

    Travis Souza

    Johnathon Wilson

    Chris Kuhn

    Terry Hancock

    Principal Cast

    Hiromi Lerner

    Karrie Shirou

    Rob Lerner

    William Roberts

    Anya Titova

    Veronika Kurshinskaya

    Josh Farmer
    Allen Emerson

    Paul Birchard

    Tim Farmer

    Lex Quarterman

    Georgiana Lerner

    Ariel Hancock


    "Space Zine"

    Elaine Walker

    Performed by


    Made with

    Blender 3D Software Logo

    And other Free / Open-Source Software

    Aegisub Ansible Ardour Audacity Brasero DVDStyler GIMP Inkscape Kdenlive Krita LibreOffice MediaWiki Mumble MyPaint OBS Studio Papagayo-NG RapidSVN RenderChan Resource Space Subversion Synfig TACTIC Trac Ubuntu Studio VLC Vokoscreen Wordpress

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